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Single Stages Three Cylinder Units


The air is compressed on one side of the piston using a three-cylinder in single-stage compressors, while the other side handles the functionality: as the piston goes down, the air is sucked in, and as it moves up, the air is compressed.

METRO Engineering Equipments has offers a distinct range of three-cylinder variants such as THC 18, THC 19, TCH 20, and TCH 21 with different RPM, displacement, and capacities. METRO ensures prime quality single-stage three-cylinder unit air compressors with a long-lasting design and heavy-duty endurance for a variety of industrial applications.

Single-stage, three-cylinder unit air compressor characteristics:-

  • Makes use of three-cylinders
  • The revolutions per minute range from 700 to 1200.
  • The displacement ranges between 35.0 and 70.0.
  • The power range of the motor is 10.0–20.0 horsepower.
  • Tank capacities range from 425 to 700 litres.

Technical Data