Air Compressor

Metro Engineering Equipment Company, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India; has started in the year 1970. We are the Manufacturers and Suppliers of quality Air Compressors for the Industries and Borewell compressors for agriculture purposes.


All models are fitted with pressure switch automatic unloaded  machines ranging from 0.5 HP to 20 HP expect SPM Р6(0.50 HP), SPM Р7(0.75) models. For these models, the pressure switches can be fixed with extra cost.

These units are produced from high-quality materials coupled with workmanship to ensure utmost reliability and efficiency in operation under the most arduous conditions.

Borewell Compressor

METRO Borewell pumps are exclusively designed to draw water from borewells at any depth.

The compressed air will enter into the borewell through pipe line up to the bottom, where it is connected to a water pipe which pushes the water to the field, overhead tank or places where the water is required.

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