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WELCOME TO Metro Engineering Equipment

Air compressors and Spares, Bore Well Compressors

Metro Engineering Equipment Company is an established company that was founded in the year of 1970. We offer avant-garde quality Air compressors and Spares for industries and Bore Well Compressors for Agriculture Purposes.

We have dealers and distributors all over the province, with our brand, METRO, being very popular in the compressor market.

Compressors made by the company are manufactured with the utmost precision. From the choice of raw materials all the way through to the finished product, the production process is closely monitored by qualified technicians.

METRO Engg. Products are designed to be durable, portable, and appealing. Quality and trouble-free performance are hallmarks of our products. Longer longevity is ensured by our precise components. All of our products are tested for safety in accordance with national regulations. Metro is also known for its low maintenance and rapid after-sales service.

METRO Engineering Equipments has reached the skies owing to infrastructural enhancements and a team of technical expertise. Compressors and Spares, which we build, have a wide spectrum of uses in the agricultural field and enterprises to make tasks easier. By bringing in high-quality air and bore-well compressors, METRO Engineering Equipments has  is driven to gain valuable technical competence.

Our team of highly-trained specialists is actively striving to enhance the compressors’ resource efficiency and component life.

METRO Engineering Equipments has is the best-in-quality compressor manufacturer in Coimbatore, with a large range of models. In addition, our technical team can design and build compressors to meet the requirements of customers.