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Bore Well Compressor

Borewell Compressor pumps force compressed air into a bore through a pipe. Compressed air and water combine to form a combination that has a lower density than the surrounding water and hence flows upward through the pipe.

To have a presence in the agricultural industry, METRO Engineering Equipments has began producing Borewell Compressors in India.

Since our inception as a manufacturer of Borewell compressor pumps in India, METRO has been a leader in this industry. To achieve optimum efficiency, METRO has developed customized models for the bore well segment, unlike other manufacturers that have specialized in bore well pumps. These air compressors are ideal for pumping water out of deep boreholes. Bore well compressors range in power from 1 to 20 horsepower.

METRO Borewell Compressor pumps are engineered with the goal of delivering highly efficient output in sectors including agriculture, household, and industrial applications.

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